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heavy duty diesel engines with aftertreatment - a technical paper discussing the evolution of heavy duty diesel engine components and sub systems to meet the us 2007 2010 and euro vi emission standards dieselnet technology guide, union pacific diesel story 1934 1982 utahrails net - this page was last updated on october 16 2018 return to up diesels index page the information presented here is edited and updated from an original version used in diesels of the union pacific 1934 1982 the classic era volume 1 by don strack withers publishing co 1999 introduction, volkswagen emissions scandal wikipedia - background vw anti pollution system in general three way catalytic converter technology which has been very effective since the early 1980s at reducing nitrogen oxide in petrol engine exhaust does not work well for diesel exhaust because of its relatively high proportion of oxygen in 2005 parts of vw intended to purchase the rights to mercedes bluetec system for reducing pollution but, fact check are diesel cars really more polluting than - in an article originally published in the conversation paul niewenhuis senior lecturer and co director of cardiff university s electric vehicle centre of excellence evce looks at the environmental credentials of diesel cars diesel cars have recently become subject to considerable negative publicity thanks to the amount of toxic emissions they produce, diesel engine new world encyclopedia - the diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that uses compression ignition in which fuel ignites as it is injected into air in the combustion chamber that has been compressed to temperatures high enough to cause ignition by contrast petrol engines utilize the otto cycle in which fuel and air are typically mixed before entering the combustion chamber and ignited by a spark plug, diesel generators yanmar generators loadstar generators - portable diesel and gas generators provide a high quality compact non fluctuating ac power source fuel storage tanks can extend your off grid power longer gas storage tanks above and below ground, curbside classic 1947 gm pd 3751 silversides greyhound - this gm bus revolutionized the industry and set the template for all over the road buses to come forward control rear transverse diesel engine the famous fluted aluminum silversides cladding semi monocoque construction high floor and underfloor luggage compartments, gas vs diesel comparison review article truck trend - light truck diesel engines of five to 10 years ago weren t so good they were noisy vibrated had smelly exhaust emissions and were more costly to build than their gasoline burning counterparts, should i buy petrol or diesel auto expert by john - diesel sales there has been a meteoric rise in diesel vehicle sales and i don t mean busses in australia when you add diesel cars to diesel suvs the sales growth is staggering up from 41 538 new diesels in 2005 to more than 157 211 in 2015, the best diesel cars of 2018 digital trends - the best diesel cars of 2018 diesel isn t evil the best diesel cars on the market do it right, ford f 350 tops analysis of heavy duty pickup trucks for - today s full size heavy duty pickups from ford nissan ram and general motors are in an all out battle for towing supremacy, breakout inside china s military buildup reuters com - reuters explores the strategy behind china s military ambitions and reveals how u s allies and profit driven individuals are helping beijing bypass arms sanctions, diesel mechanic schools diesel mechanic courses and training - diesel mechanic schools enable you develop refined skills which are needed to perform maintenance of heavy equipments and vehicles you can pursue mechanic courses training programs online as well, allison 1000 transmission gm diesel trucks diesel - read about the history of gm s iconic allison 1000 transmission along with its strengths and weaknesses only on dieselpowermag com the official website of diesel power magazine, technology and science news abc news - get the latest science news and technology news read tech reviews and more at abc news, mobil 1 98je04 5w 40 turbo diesel truck synthetic motor - mobil 1 turbo diesel truck 5w 40 synthetic motor oil with supersyn is engineered for hard working diesel engines it offers outstanding wear protection oil consumption control and performance reserve, mobil 1 44986 5w 40 turbo diesel truck synthetic motor oil - motor oil is made from crude oil and is used to lubricate clean and cool engines types of motor oil include conventional synthetic diesel bio based hybrid blends of conventional and synthetic and recycled oils