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recovery and refining of precious metals c w ammen - written in a clear and simple manner this newly revised reference follows the great success of the first edition referred to as the precious metal bible with a complete overview of the recovering testing extracting and refining of precious metals, precious metals refining asset recovery and copper alloys - from precious metals refining to copper alloys to it asset disposition sipi is a leader in helping clients confidently unlock the value of their essential assets learn more about our diverse range of services, gold plated cpu recycling precious metals recovery - home cpu scrap cpu scrap recycling cpu central processing unit from outdated computers and mainframe contains gold and copper that has to be recycled we buy most kinds of scrap cpu gold plated cpu s gold plated fingers pins and connectors for in house gold refining we buy 186 286 386 486 pentium 1 pentium 2 pentium 3 pentium 4 and all gold plated cpus and chips for gold, pmrs refining com the boutique precious metals refinery - about pmrs 38 years ago sheldon goldner president of precious metal refining services inc pmrs began operations as an industrial refiner specializing in silver recovery from film we quickly evolved into a boutique full service precious metal refinery specializing in high volume customers fire assay and fast settlements, precious metal refining recovery sabin metal corporation - sabin metal corporation recovers refines precious metals from the hydrocarbon petroleum petrochemical chemical pharmaceutical nitric acid electronics mining and other industries that use precious metals in their products or processes we recover platinum palladium ruthenium rhodium rhenium gold and silver from a variety of sources established in 1945 sabin is now the largest, precious metal refining precious metal refining services - mid states recycling and refining specializes in accurate verifiable and transparent precious metal refining for customers throughout the united states who demand the highest returns work that meets or exceeds industry standards and service delivered with integrity and accountability, reclaim recycle and sell your precious metal scrap - specialty metals is the top choice in the us for secondary refining of gold silver platinum for the industrial electronic jewelry mining sectors and small businesses estates individuals and governments, precious metal refining blog from arch enterprises gold - interactive blog and forum where consumers can ask precious metal refining experts about their specific items, g c metals ltd your refiner and supplier of precious - established in 1971 g c metals limited is a completely independent precious metal refiner specialising in the reclamation of all precious metals gold silver platinum and palladium groups, about precious metals company elemetal - elemetal is a precious metals firm providing good delivery gold and silver scrapping or refining buying bullion or selling diamonds we are here to serve you, precious metal assayers serves jewelers and the public as - precious metal assayers is a full service refiner of all precious metals we buy refine and assay all forms of gold silver platinum and palladium we provide services to jewelers pawn shops dentists dental laboratories trade shops manufacturers machine shops salvage companies windshield manufacturers fiberglass manufacturers chemical laboratories and the health care industry as, ar metals llc metal recycling center in philadelphia and - refining for over 30 years at abington reldan metals we have the capabilities to process all materials in house on our premises enabling us to constantly monitor and maintain our processes to bring clients the maximum payments possible with the shortest turnaround times, tanaka precious metals is changing recycling business - tanaka s recycling technologies enable it to refine a variety of precious metals including gold and platinum to a high degree of purity, silver bear cafe precious metals forum - 12 15 18 gold a perfect storm for 2019 alasdair macleod this article is an overview of the principal factors likely to drive the gold price in 2019, what is nickel silver precious metal refining blog from - hi mary there are several metals that are used in the manufacturing of silver flatware sterling silver flatware is normally indicated by some variation of a 925 marking that would indicate it being 92 5 silver and alloyed with 7 5 of something else that is usually copper or nickel, historical gold prices gold price chart data elemetal - elemetal direct is a precious metals company focusing on the recovery and refining of precious metals and providing retail and wholesale investment possibilities to a broad range of customers nationwide, 2018 business updates el capitan precious metals inc - presentation files for download business updates jan 24 2018 business release pdf jan 4 2018 el capitan precious metals executes contract with precious metals buyer scottsdale arizona el capitan precious metals inc otc qb ecpn announced today that an agreement was executed in december for the sale of its precious metal hyper concentrates, electrolytic copper refining plant italimpianti orafi - italimpianti orafi has been designing and manufacturing machines for the precious metals industry for over 45 years our qualified and professional staff of technicians monitor and control all the phases of the productive cycle from design to production test runs and after sales assistance, 4471 forest ave waterford michigan 48328 800 356 2955 - a gold refiner buyer assayer and broker that refines and buys all quantities of gold from the public as well as jewelers dentists and gold scrap generators precious metal refiners and buyers of gold silver platinum palladium and rhodium metals gold refiners of choice by countless jewelers goldsmiths and precious metal industries, platinum group metals send conflicting signals etfs - platinum group metals are part of the precious metals sector of the commodities market but they are also industrial metals that have a myriad of applications because of their density and high